November 23, 2012

Johnny Lee Savory hopes DNA testing will clear his name of 35 year old murders

Tonight we are talking with Johnny Savory who was convicted and spent 30 years behind bars that he says he did not commit as a teenager. After being paroled Mr. Savory still maintains his innocence and is seeking to have DNA tested from the case but so far the Peoria County, Illinois DA has not been accommodating.

November 20, 2012

Chicago Police Brutality, Israel's Aggression & The Myth of Secession


We are joined tonight by members of Uhuru to discuss the alleged murders of Chicago residents by Police including unarmed teen Dakota Bright who was reportedly shot in the back of the head by cops and whose body was left on the ground for five hours why cops searched for non-existent weapon.

Stephen Lendman of Global Research discusses the international law violations of Israel and how it is purposely targeting civilians.

Private investigator and blogger Jan B. Tucker joins us to discuss his recent post "Mythology of Secession" and his investigation that found Bain Capital, the company founded by Mitt Romney is illegally doing business in Massachusetts. .

November 19, 2012

“Welcome to a Cooler World” w/ Chet Sisk, 911 is a joke and the Israeli offensive


Tonight we will first talk to Chet Sisk who is an author, Life Coach and the Leadership Development Expert with the United Nation’s World Assembly of Youth. He says media elements have been promoting an end to the world according to the disputed interpretation of the  Mayan Calendar. He will share his views on end of the world prophecy and a book he has coming out titled “Welcome to a Cooler World” and is using a spoken word version to raise funds to provide organic food to 10 homeless shelters.

During the second segment we will talk to a Massachusetts woman who says she was attacked by Housing Inspector and when reporting the attack the victim’s 911 calls went ignored. When she went to the Brockton Police department, she was hassled about making a complaint. Ms. Jolli Ali will share this ordeal with us and what if any action has been taken.

President Obama, spokes person for the entity known as the Obama administration has come out in full support of the Israeli offensive and the corporate media is taking the often used line that Israel is just defending itself. A hacker group has gone after Israel taking down many websites in a round of cyber war attacks.