November 23, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Tony Ryan

"The War on Drugs is a disaster for law enforcement." - Tony Ryan 

Tony Ryan sacrificed to protect and to serve. In his more than 36 years of continuous service as a Denver police officer, he endured getting stabbed in the hand and in the back, broken bones in a hand and a foot, a head wound requiring 18 stitches, and a gunshot wound to the chest. He took all of this willingly, though, believing the work he did to be honorable. However, one part of policing under our current system that he feels dishonors the Thin Blue Line is the War on Drugs, which he labels a total failure costing billions of dollars while making the problem worse and enriching drug dealers. What he finds perhaps even more distressing is what America's failed prohibitionist policy does to law enforcement itself. Drug-enforcement activities are one of the highest sources of complaints against law enforcement. [The War on Drugs] costs officers lives and ruins careers through corruption and a myriad of other ills borne on drug-enforcement activity.

November 22, 2011

Occupying Hip Hop w/ Truth Minista Scott

Truth Minista Paul Scott of Militant Mind Militia joins us to discuss the movement to bring attention to the state of hip-hop and its corporate control. He recently penned an article at ALLHIPHOP.COM and posted a Youtube video about the subject.