December 14, 2011

Ending The Drug War w/ James Gierach

Joining me tonight by way of Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion is James Gierach (pronounced as ‘gear-ock’) who is a former Assistant State's Attorney of Cook County, municipal attorney, Village prosecutor, and general practitioner. He was the youngest delegate elected to write Illinois' Constitution in 1970, a former candidate for Cook County State's Attorney and Illinois governor, raising drug policy and prison issues. One newspaper called him, "Illinois' premier conscientious objector to the war on drugs."

Senator Carl Levin spills beans on Obama Regime

The days news and views. Main topic: We reported last week that a bill has worked its way through the U.S. Senate that would give the U.S military the power to detain American citizens without due process and access to the courts and they could hold citizens indefinitely. President Obama is on record saying he would veto the bill but that may be unlikely since his administration asked that citizens not be exempted according to Senator Carl Levin (D) Mich.