October 28, 2011

International Law & The Overthrow of Col. Gaddafi

Dr. Curtis Doebbler joins Black Talk Radio to discuss the apparent violations of International Law by the Obama Administration and NATO forces.

Dr. Curtis F.J. Doebbler is an international human rights lawyer who since 1988 has been representing individuals before international human rights bodies in Africa, Europe, the Americas and before United Nations bodies.

He is known for his outspoken opposition to human rights violations by the U.S. government and his support of individuals in countries that have been subject to armed attacks by the United States. He has worked almost two decades in Africa, Asia and the Middle East teaching international human rights law and representing individuals in human rights cases.

October 26, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Patrick Nightingale

As both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, Patrick has seen the devastating effect of mandatory minimum sentencing schemes where young people full of potential find themselves saddled with a felony narcotics trafficking conviction and warehoused in jail for selling a couple ofgrams of drugs, even with no prior criminal record. Patrick has personally witnessed the violentcriminal enterprises that have taken hold in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in order to claim their share ofthe enormous illicit profits generated by prohibition.

Patrick Nightingale is a former prosecutor and practicing criminal defense attorneyin Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding regions. Patrick spent six years with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and was one of the founding members ofthe Domestic Violence Unit. Patrick’s tenure as a trial attorney brought him face toface with the casualties of the “War on Drugs” on a daily basis

Patrick joins the program on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Visit www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com