December 28, 2012

Slavery Reparations


 Tonight we will be joined by Jeff Savage to discuss his petition demanding that the U.S. Govt form a slavery reparations task force.

December 26, 2012

Police Brutality against students

Tonight we will discuss a case out of York, Pennsylvania where a 16 yr old female student says that police assaulted her after preventing her from calling her mother. The situation arose after the principle of Lindbergh Education Center suspended the girl for horseplay with a another student. The principle told the female student to leave the school grounds but she refused without being able to retrieve her personal property. The police were called and the female student found herself alone with the officers locked in a room and when she emerged she had a black eye. 
We will be joined by Bro. Shareef Hameed and Bro. Amaju Bendele who are both from that area in Pennsylvania which is right outside of Philadelphia and both say there is a problem of police brutality in general and violence against students specifically. As the nation debates whether or not cops and/or security guards should posted in our schools to prevent violence, it is a shame that in some of the schools this violence is occurring against students.