February 15, 2013

Update on Christopher Dorner and the aftermath


 We are discussing the reported murder of alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner by law enforcement officers who planned and carried out the act of burning the suspect alive in a cabin. 

 Several former LAPD officers have come forward to confirm the allegations made by Dorner about racism and corruption within the department. 

 We will ask why people believe more actions like that allegedly taken by Dorner will occur again. Scotty Reid is advocating people demand, not ask, but demand Congressional hearings into the issue of national police violence and corruption. It is time people stop accepting police conduct as a necessary evil. 

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February 13, 2013

Jesus People Against Pollution petition to President Obama


Dr. Charlotte Keys joins us again to update us on JPAP's latest effort to get the federal government and the State of Mississippi to address the environmental poisoning of the predominately Black victims who live in Marion County, MS.

You can watch a documentary about the deliberate poisoning of these people on our YouTube channel.

A petition has been set up asking the President and his administration to visit Columbia, MS to tour the devastation left in the wake of this deliberate act of corporate pollution.

Continuing coverage of the Christopher Dorner affair, the former LAPD cop who allegedly murdered two people and killed several cops in the ensuing manhunt. Dorner appears to have been reportedly burned alive in a Cabin and the San Bernadino sheriffs department is captured on audio discussing the plan to summarily execute Christopher Dorner.