January 28, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ Neill Franklin

Joining me today is Retired State Police Major and Executive Director of LEAP Major Stanford "Neill" Franklin. Early in his career, Neill served as a narcotics agent with the Maryland State police, focusing on everything from high-level drug dealers in the Washington suburbs to the guy growing one marijuana plant on his balcony.

We'll find out what Mr. Franklin has coming up in the next few weeks and review some the Drug War/Policy news that occurred over the week.

Holocaust Remembrance and the forgotten millions

Today the UN General Assembly remembered the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Turkey, a Muslim nation also observed the day along with many, many other nations. However, lost in all this remembrance is the 20 million non-Jews who perished under the Nazi regime. How do you corner the market on genocide?

And considering that every year the Holocaust is remembered in Israel, how is it that the citizens of Israel and Jews in the Diaspora allow Israel to sow seeds of so much hate by its treatment of the Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews. And how is it that Jews in America who participated in the slave trade of Africans and eugenics program in America are not put on blast just like their Nazi offspring? The Nazis themselves said American policies inspired their policies. The Jews of conscious, who do speak up or out on this hypocrisy, are often marginalized and called self hating Jews.

Tonight I will focus on all the victims of genocide and those who have suffered under the banner of White Supremacy.

January 26, 2012

Israeli Mossad Agents in our midst

Andrew Adler, a Jewish publisher based in Atlanta caused an uproar last week that continues as news spreads on the Internet about his editorial piece in which he called on the Israelis to assassinate President Obama. In his opinion piece he asserted that President Obama is unfriendly to Israel. While most commentary has focused on questions about the vitriol towards President Obama in Jewish political circles, whether or not he is a Muslim who hates Israel and wants to see its Jewish character erased, not many are asking the central national security question about if Israeli Mossad agents are based in the United States and what they are doing.

January 24, 2012

News Brief: More Hate & Vitriol from the GOP

More hateful comments from members of the GOP and conservative right in the wake of Jewish paper's call for assassination of President Obama. Jewish publisher reveals possibility and likelihood of Israeli security threats on U.S. soil.

Fox News publishes opinion peice written by a "psychologist" who drones on about how Newt Gingrinch's infidelities are postive attributes and would make him a good president.

Joe Klein blasts Rick Santorum for entertaining religious bigotry and racist comments from a woman in South Carolina. Says Santorum failed to correct the woman when she called Obama a secret Muslim not elgible to be President.

Catholic leaders put Gingrinch and Santorum, both Catholics, on blast for their racist comments and stereotyping of minorities and the poor.

January 23, 2012

News Brief: Jewish Paper calls for Obama's Assassination

Join Scotty Reid for a look at some of the day's news stories.

South Carolina
A look back at Newt's South Carolina Republican Primary victory and did Ron Paul miss a opportunity to get the Black vote in the Palmetto State?

Birthers Orly Taitz and Mike Huckabee are at it again promoting the false notion that President Obama is not a natural born U.S. Citizen. Obama ordered by Georgia judge to attend hearing.

The Atlanta based Jewish newspaper owener calls for President Obama's assassination. Andrew Adler, the owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times penned a coloumn over the weekend saying Israel should use its Mossad agents in the U.S. to kill Obama so a Zionist vice-presdent Biden can bomb Iran.