January 9, 2013

Discussing "The Abolitionist" w/ Min Paul Scott


PBS ran the first part of its three part series “The Abolitionist” last night that created buzz on social media last night. Min. Paul Scott joins us again and is attempting to organize 5,000 Black scholars to disseminate Black history and fight disinformation in the mainstream media among other things, organized a “watch party” and asked people to review the film and share their thoughts about it through social media.

In his article titled “The Abolitionists or Absolute Bull, The Myth of the Great White Hope" he posed the question about why great Black abolitionists besides Fredrick Douglass were not featured.

“Like many other topics regarding history, the Abolitionist Movement has been subject to historical revisionism and an attempt for white America to pick our heroes.” Min. Paul Scott

Let us analyze the first part of “The Abolitionist” to not only share what we picked up from it but let us also highlight some of those who were subjected to a “black out”.

Host Scotty Reid would also ask that you consider that since the 13th Amendment was adopted in the U.S. Constitution, there has been a continuous disinformation campaign to make the world believe that the United States had abolished the evil of slavery once and for all.

Today a petition was published on the White House petition site that asks President Obama to work with Congress to close the slavery loophole in the Constitution and to pay all the enslaved people who work on the prison plantation the federal minimum wage so that they may contribute financially to their families on the outside.