April 3, 2015

If the system is "corrupt" the people making up the system are "corrupt"

Tune in for the days news and war reports from Battlefield America. During the first hour we will look at various recent news reports that show bad cops, bad prison guards are not anomaly when the whole system is a "bad system". Don't people make up the "system"? If the system is "bad" or corrupt or doesn't work, that is a reflection on the flesh and blood people running it. We'll check the day's casualty report and see how many people police have killed and check out some of the social media news feeds of our partners. Issue 2 of the 2015 Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 is out.

 During the second hour we will speak with Mr. L’Sana D’Jahspora would like discuss a fundraiser being held on behalf of his son, Cinque D'Jahsporaa 20 year old shot and killed by black police officer Raymond Dewayne. Dash cam video does appear to confirm witness statements that Cinque D'Jahspora was on the ground when he was shot in the back after the cop initiated contact with him as he walked down the side of a road.The Black Martyrs Day event will be held on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. D'Jahspora has also started the Q4Justice Black Martyrs Campaign fundraiser campaign in connection to his son's case.

April 2, 2015

Right wing media undermining Ferguson report

 During the first hour, we will speak with Ms. Mary Sanchez who writes for the Kansas City Star. Ms. Sanchez wrote an article in March about right wing media personalities like Rush Limbaugh who have been poisoning the media with claims that President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder are to blame for the two officers reportedly shot in Ferguson, Missouri. The topic will be the right wing propaganda machine and their undermining of the findings of the DOJ report on Ferguson. We will get her thoughts on what impact this may have on Ferguson and the nation going forward in addressing public corruption.

Speaking of public corruption, NJ U.S. Senator Bob Menendez has been indicted by the DOJ for accepting bribes in exchange for political favors. How is it that US Senators can be indicted for crimes but no one involved in the Ferguson fiasco has been? What do you think? Chet Sisk

During the second hour we will be joined by author and educator Mr. Chet W. Sisk. Mr. Sisk is an 11-year Life Coach and a Leadership Development Specialist to the World Assembly of Youth. He graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale majoring in Journalism and is a former Walter Kaitz Foundation Fellow. Mr. Sisk is working on a new book titled “Above And Beyond All That We Know: How to thrive and succeed in the current world paradigm shift”. Mr. Sisk believes that the world is currently in what is referred to as the “Information Society” but is about to enter a period called “The Empowerment/Enlightenment Age”. We’ll get his thoughts. Callers are encouraged to ask questions anytime during the broadcast by the joining the conversation via the conference line.

April 1, 2015

Respected journalist and US held political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal in “diabetic coma”

Update: Revolutionary, respected journalist and current radio correspondent for Prison Radio, Mumia Abu-Jamal was recently reported to have had an “medical emergency” and was put in intensive care at Schuylkill Medical Center. A campaign to gain the family access was launched on social media with reports that lines were busy but a new report says that family members are now with him. However, The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee says Mumia is in a diabetic coma and from another source states that "his blood sugar level was very high - 779- when hospitalized after passing out. Remains more than 300.".

Today we will again have open lines and war reports from Battlefield America.

US Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer spoke about America's "mass incarceration problem". Both were participating in a Congressional hearing concerning the "Supreme Court Fiscal Year 2016 Budget".

St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that former St. Louis Cardinal professional baseball player Curt Ford suffered a racist terrorist attack inside a St. Louis convenience store.

In under reported news, a Hawaii state judge recently ruled in a court case that the Kingdom of Hawaii still exists despite the annexation (land theft) of the islands. The Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown in a plot by rich white families and the U.S. military.

2015 Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 first issue released.

Latest casualties reports from Killed By Police. At least six more deaths occurred on March, 30, 2015 making it perhaps one the deadliest days of March on the battlefield.

March 30, 2015

Racism is at heart of Republican betrayal in favor of Netanyahu

Tune in for the day’s news and war reports from Battlefield America. There is a lot to  discuss in Politics which is the one people activity that can impact all other eight areas in the “The 9 Areas of People Activity” as defined by Neely Fuller.

  URGENT- MEDICAL ACTION ALERT From Prison Radio on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Of course, racism and white supremacy is the primary culprit as the main source of all problems currently known to the planet. The racial hostilities towards Obama have reached new heights and driven racist suspects to commit acts of treason against their own government.  Some of those guilty of these seditious acts hold so-called high political office.

This is further evidence to show the extreme lawlessness that exist in America and how there really is no “law & order” in the land. Republican House Majority leader John Boehner is planning to speak in Israel. He was invited by the racist white supremacist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to further undermine the Obama administration’s attempts at a peaceful resolution with the Iranian’s over their right to develop nuclear energy sources in their country. Of course being the only nuclear-armed nation in the region, Israel is seeking to maintain white supremacy in the region and of course attempting to against any thing that might take away their military advantage and continued racial dominance of Arab and other non-white people.

 Boehner’s planned trip to Israel follows his breaking normal protocols in inviting and then allowing a foreign head of state to hold court in Congress for the sole purpose of undermining the Executive Branch just ahead of that foreign government’s election. These are unprecedented acts by elected officials and since Barack Obama is recognized as the first Black president, logically we can conclude racism is the prime motivator for these extreme political and criminal acts.

The letter recently sent by Republicans in Congress to the Iranian government during the ongoing negotiations clearly had the intent to undermine the Obama administration and many have called it treasonous. All of this recent coordinated activity on behalf of a foreign government points to a Republican strategy to undermine one third of the US government. Let us not forget Israel was spying on the US government during its negotiations and feeding some of the Intel to Republicans.  Yet the Republicans hypocritically levy charges at Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for taking tens of millions in donations from nations with very poor human rights records.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, speculation is that she will officially announce her 2016 campaign to become CEO of U.S.A INC. Some are saying that she can not afford to allow questions and criticism involving her email scandal and of course taking money from brutal governments for the Clinton foundation.

This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.