April 3, 2015

If the system is "corrupt" the people making up the system are "corrupt"

Tune in for the days news and war reports from Battlefield America. During the first hour we will look at various recent news reports that show bad cops, bad prison guards are not anomaly when the whole system is a "bad system". Don't people make up the "system"? If the system is "bad" or corrupt or doesn't work, that is a reflection on the flesh and blood people running it. We'll check the day's casualty report and see how many people police have killed and check out some of the social media news feeds of our partners. Issue 2 of the 2015 Racism/Terrorism Report Vol. 1 is out.

 During the second hour we will speak with Mr. L’Sana D’Jahspora would like discuss a fundraiser being held on behalf of his son, Cinque D'Jahsporaa 20 year old shot and killed by black police officer Raymond Dewayne. Dash cam video does appear to confirm witness statements that Cinque D'Jahspora was on the ground when he was shot in the back after the cop initiated contact with him as he walked down the side of a road.The Black Martyrs Day event will be held on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. D'Jahspora has also started the Q4Justice Black Martyrs Campaign fundraiser campaign in connection to his son's case.

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