April 4, 2013

Ending Prison Slavery w/ Lee Wood


Talking to prison slavery activist Lee Wood again tonight. Lee's work dates all the way back to the 70s with CAPS. Lee is concerned about Israeli activist fighting against child slavery. In his words,

“Zionist with Israeli financial and political backing fighting for the poor little children slaves around the world. Well, of course, who in their heart can deny any child, much less "the least of these" child slaves? However, when it comes to "class slavery," "slavery as the spoils of war", or "...slavery...as a punishment from crime" - oops, that's where the political propaganda line is drawn.

After I talk to Lee going to do some follow up on my article about the racist war on terror after the government without explanation dropped charges against members of a white supremacist group that they said was allegedly training for a race war. Remember the racially showcased Black Pastor Manning said white folks would attack the black community and he would join them.

Well, the government gave a reason today for dropping the charges and you will flip out when you hear it. Now, these racist white people and alleged terrorist get their charges dropped while a black woman gets a terrorism charge filed against her. Whom was she terrorizing? The KKK! What was her method? Tune in to find out.

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April 2, 2013

Taking back Hip-Hop w/ Militant Mind Militia


Join Scotty Reid as he looks at some of the political and social news headlines of the day and offers his opinions. The Militant Mind Militia has assembled a group of the most powerful underground voices in Hip Hop and mashed them with researchers and freedom fighters to produce a project that is going to change the game. 

  The April Fools Mixtape aka (Don't Be No Fool on World Star While Poppin' Molly in the Hood) produced by Divine Power of No Question Productions is going to set a new standard for not only the mixtape market but for Hip Hop in general. It's time to stand up for real Hip Hop. Or as artist 360WiseGuy puts it, its time to "change your posture." 

 Guests: Truth Minista Paul Scott, Divine Power, Yasin360WiseGuy, Shareef Hameed and The Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

Contact divinepower365@gmail.com for more info. 

 After we speak to our guests, during the second part of the program, I want to look at the issue of Roland Martin losing his employment with CNN and some of what Prof. Fauntroy suggests the Black community should do instead of crying for Roland who he says isn't qualified to discuss politics in the first place. 

 Disturbing information about NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly comes out of the civil suit trial over Stop & Frisk. 
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