September 29, 2012

Murder for Organs scheme revealed in New York City

The New York Organ Donor Network is being accused of bullying doctors into declaring people brain dead who were not so that their organs could be harvested. Whistleblower Patrick McMahon says that one out of five people showing brain activity are declared dead in the murder for organs scheme.


Mr. T. West and the Afrisynergy news network has consistently reported on global human trafficking rings and will share his knowlege on the issue.

September 28, 2012

Political Prisoner Radio w/ Sis. Karima Amin

Our guest tonight is Sis. Karima Amin who is the Founder/Director of Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. and as Co-Chairperson of the Erie County Prisoners Rights Coalition, serves as a dedicated advocate for prisoners and their families and for formerly incarcerated people.

DOWNLOAD PODCAST   Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. educates the community about issues surrounding criminal justice, prison reform and the challenges of reentry. It provides networking opportunities, referrals to service providers, and encouragement for community building, by redirecting civil, social, and legal barriers. Karima has received numerous awards for her work in education, the arts, community service, and social justice. Please visit and support at
George BaBa Eng is a 64-year old father, grandfather, educator, writer, counselor, and mentor, who killed a man in 1977 for pulling a gun on his wife. He is a reformed offender, imprisoned in New York State for 36 years and is a prisoner of conscience who is determined to be an asset to his community. Baba has been consistently active in the academic and political education of his family, fellow prisoners, and himself. He has taught about Ancient Afrikan Civilizations, African American History, the Politics of Liberation, and the Life of the Prophet Muhammad. He has organized youth assistance programs and has served as chapter president of the NAACP. He has trained teachers’ aides and has held classes on racism and its effects on the values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the people subjected to it. Baba has received numerous certificates and awards for his work, including the NAACP's prestigious Thalheimer Award for "exemplary program development." Baba is well known for his ideas regarding "restorative justice." In 2003, a scholarly paper he wrote on the subject was accepted for presentation at a national conference on criminal injustice by the Department of Africana Studies at Columbia University.

As w/political prisoners who are tormented for having fought against the system outside the prison walls, George BaBa Eng is a prisoner of conscience who withstands many of the same torments for coming to consciousness and exposing and fighting this system from behind the walls. He is currently confined at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton, NJ.

June 2011 BaBa had brain surgery, something he had been trying to avoid while incarcerated. Recovery has been slow but he is doing well. He will go before the NJ Parole Board in the Spring of 2013. Despite his confinement, he is on the board of Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. He is Program Director.

September 27, 2012

Athens, Georgia District Attorney failing to prosecute child rapists?

Ken Mauldin is the District Attorney of the Western Judicial Circuit, covering Oconee and Athens-Clarke Counties and when he ran for re-election, his campaign claimed that cases involving child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse would take priority.

Yet two men who allegedly raped a 3 year old in Athens, Georgia 4 years ago have yet to be prosecuted. The little girl is no longer in the home where abuse occurred but her new family wants justice for the unpunished crimes against her. A petition is active on asking for the prosecution of the men. Tonight we are joined by Nancy Lockhart and the child's adoptive mother Mrs. Addison to discuss the case.

September 25, 2012

Obama's UN Speech, Political Prisoners and Drone Attack Victims

Listening to and analyzing President Obama's speech to the United Nations.

Did the Federal Bureau of Prisons admit that it is holding political prisoners in denying mail to Daniel McGowan.

Why is the Detroit prosecutors office stalling in prosecuting two corrupt cops?

A new study has emerged that shows the United States has killed many more civilians in Pakistan than it has admitted.

September 24, 2012

Analyzing Michelle Obama's Congressional Black Caucus speech.
Oakland residents take over City Hall and becoming increasingly agitated over the lack of Police transparency in the shooting death of black teen Alan Blueford. Several New Yorks City schools are providing the "Morning After" abortion pill to students which is causing quite a bit of controversy.