October 30, 2012

Romney, Obama, Poll Workers, Nina Simone Film & Police Brutality

Tonight I talk about how Mitt Romney has been avoiding paying taxes and may not have paid any taxes for at least 15 years! Also, I had an intelligent discussion with an economist about the economy who says this sluggish economy is President Obama’s fault. I highly disagree and believe that the so-called jobless recovery is due to racism/white supremacy.


On the subject of the election, I finally made to my early voting polling place and recorded a conversation had with a white male who was pushing Republicans. He revealed some interesting information provided he was truthful but he accused another Republican campaigning at the site was tricking Democrats. 

Are you pissed off that Hollywood keeps casting light-skinned non-white women to play dark skinned historical figures? From Abe the Vampire Hunter and now the film Nina, what is the agenda here and does it matter to you? It does to me.

I want to also share why I feel the Sharmeka Moffitt case should be left alone by those who still can not accept that all physical evidence points to her self-mutilation.

A New Mexico Cop tazed a child who refused to clean his squad car and allegedly stated to the child that he was going to show him how cops treat people who do not listen to them.

NAACP puts Franklin Graham on blast for political ads but give Billy Graham a pass. This news and of course I’m kicking the best in old school Hip-Hop and R&B. New Music from Jasari X!

October 29, 2012

Talking US Foreign Policy with Libertarian VP candidate James Gray

Tonight I talk again with Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Judge James Gray about U.S. foreign policy and he explains what the Libertarian position. We also touched upon issues of the constitutional rights of US citizens vs. increasing police state surveillance and the mass incarceration of Americans.


A popular cyclist was attacked by police and severely injured in San Fran and then charged with felony assault on the officers.

NYPD is pushing to put drones in skies of New York City and if it is anything like their Stop & Frisk program and spying, you can be sure which neighborhoods will be targeted.

Rush Limbaugh is the latest to claim Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Obama is because of race and John McCain has said Powell has damaged his legacy but who has the worst legacy? Colin Powell is not the one who directly and indirectly supported death squads in Central America that raped children and sexually mutilated people.

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark visited the political prisoners known as the Omaha Two. The former AG who worked briefly under FBI director J Edgar Hoover called on Nebraska to free Ed Poindexter and Mondo We Langa (David Rice) who were convicted of killing a police officers with a bomb.