July 28, 2015

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson tested by recent NYPD assault on unarmed man HR 1

During hour one we discussed the NYPD making headlines again for all the wrong reasons as a patron at a Flatbush Target captured a gang of thugs cops on video from the 70th precinct brutally beating a man while apprehending him for a unknown alleged criminal offense. Flatbush has a history of mistreating African descendant people going back to the days when it was a Dutch colony engaged in human trafficking. This attack on a defenseless man occurred in the Brooklyn District which is the area served by Prosecutor Ken Thomas.

During hour two we discussed a Maryland report that shows people with principles have committed another act of civil disobedience in defacing another memorial to white supremacists. It is being reported that homeland security and the FBI spied on Black Lives Matter activists but it should not be shocking to anyone as they did the same thing to Occupy Wall Street activist including an alleged assassination.  

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