May 29, 2012

Mother of 11 yr old beaten badly at school demands answers

LaDonna Williams joined the broadcast. Her 11 yr old daughter suffered a vicious assault during a schedule school break on April 24, 2012 at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo, CA. Her daughter's attacker was a 14 yr old student nearly twice her size who Ms. Williams says attacked her daughter Annisia Williams from behind. Her daughter suffered multiple injuries (concussion, contusion, continuing bloody noses, memory loss, bruising of the bone surrounding eye cavity,) which caused her to miss a month of school. From the beginning Ms. Williams says administrators and police who did not show up till three hours after the attack, did not do a proper investigation and the school went even so far as to protect the identity of Annisia’s attacker.


 To make matters worse, Ms. Williams says that the parent of the 14 yr old who attacked her child laughed about the matter and made inappropriate comments suggesting the girl did what she was supposed to do. Video of the attack surfaced on Youtube, allegedly posted by friends of the attacker as some kind of statement but when realizing the video was being used as evidence, they removed the video. Ms. Williams was able to obtain a copy of the video and re-uploaded it herself. Black Talk Radio has also obtained a copy. Ms. Williams wants there to be serious dialogue around the issue of bully and school safety. She also believes the school, the parent and the 14 yr old who attacked her child to be held responsible for what was done to Annisia. What would you do to protect your child from bullies?


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