March 26, 2011

Bobby Yates, Victim of Texas Prosecutor's "Social Agenda" & "Untouchable" Black Leaders

According to legal analysts, Lamar County Prosecutor Gary Young is not unlike many prosecutors in America who care more about padding their records with convictions than they care about actual justice.

Further complicating the matter is that in many local governments, Prosecutors or District Attorneys clearly operate as political partisans when true justice is supposed to be blind and those ELECTED to postions in the justice system should be non-partisan. Prosecutor Gary Young, a Republican, clearly has a social agenda as evident in comments he made published in a Texas GOP Blog.

Wrongful Conviction advocate Nancy Lockhart has taken up the case of Bobby Yates and she believes that Yates is a victim of Young’s thirst for convictions which according to her has resulted in “wrongful convictions, excessive sentences, and alarming rates of juveniles tried as adults”. Bobby Yates is missing the lower part of his body, including his penis, which resulted from a hunting accident some twenty years ago.

Another interesting thing about the case is that it appears three white females (including the alleged 16 yr-old sexual assault victim), entered Mr. Yates home under false pretenses and it is Mr. Yates, who claims he was physically assaulted.

During the second part of the program, I will be asking the question about whether or not certain Black leaders are untouchable, off limits and above criticism and if the Black community is stagnant in certain areas because of the lack of will to hold these people accountable for their actions. I have received some, not a lot, but some pushback concerning my views on information about Libya disseminated by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and because I pointed out that it is Gaddafi who has sold out to America and Europe’s corporate and geopolitical interests in the world and in Africa.


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