March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, lying racist scumbag dead at 43

Conservitive blogger, video editor and all around lying scum Andrew Breitbart died just after midnight last night according to reports and the cause of death is a mystery. Reports have ranged from an enlarged heart to unspecified heart problems. The coroner has yet to issue a report for the exact cause of death. From conservative rags to so-called liberal outlets like the New York Times, many are trying to gloss over the fact the Breitbart was a racist and aliar who used manipulated and staged videos to attack political enemies on the left including voter registration groups like ACORN and his edited video of a Shirley Sherrod speech directly led to her being fired by the Obama administration.

Tonight I am joined by Marty Owings a former Blog Talk Radio host who now is a reporter and livestream host for the independent news organization Minnesota Capitol News. Minnesota Capitol News is a non-partisan, independent site devoted to news, information and commentary on issues from the State Capitol and politics throughout Minnesota.


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