July 6, 2015

Clarence Thomas is not a clown but a dangerous tool of white supremacy

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SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas said some incorrect things in a gay marriage ruling about whether or not the government or anyone can take away another person's dignity. I was further disgusted by the defense of Clarence Thomas by those who want to either defend him because they are either against gay marriage, offended that he was called a "clown in blackface", or they think that Black people must be defended no matter what kind of injustice they are engaged in. This is a case to look at and see if people are using logic or being illogical in analyzing what Thomas said about human dignity. You can read what Chief Justice Roberts had to say in his dissent on marriage equality.

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Speaking of same sex marriage, I am still perplexed on why some Black people feel a need to weigh in on the debate. Marriage Equality is a done deal and besides, if Black people had real political power then their opinions might mean something but since they do not control any institutions in relation to who can and can not get married, debating it is a distraction for Black people in my opinion.

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 The racist white supremacists are intent on practicing visual terrorism and one in particular is ready to slap the Confederate/Klan terrorist flag on the side of a mountain in Tennessee. In related news, the defacing of white supremacist monuments continued to be defaced with graffiti declaring "Black Lives Matter" and labeling those honored with the "Murderer" tag. 7-6-2015 3-07-46 PM

There is renewed focus on the school buildings that millions of children attend that are named after vile white supremacists. Abolitionists Marx Parthas asked people to imagine Jewish children going to schools named after Nazis. That is hard to imagine because Jews seem to have too much self respect to allow their children to attend such schools, which do not exist, and certainly would never tolerate their tax dollars to be allowed to support such buildings. However, they do not seem to have problem with these schools named after white supremacists in the USA.

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