December 27, 2010

Remembering Songstress Teena Marie

Soul Songtress Teena Marie passed away of natural causes at her home in Pasadena, California on December 26, 2010. She was 54 years old. There has never been and perhaps never will be another white artist who was truly soulful in her singing and song writing and perhaps this is because she long has had a bond with the Black community growing up in historically Black enclave of Oakwood, California before she went into the music industry. Teena Marie was born Mary Christine Brockert on March 5, 1956.

NPR Interview w/ Teena Marie

Many white artist and bands with white lead singers have had cross over hits among Black music fans like KC and the Sunshine band, the short lived band The Family which was a band produced and affiliated with Prince, the Gibb brothers and their band the Bee Gees had cross over success during the disco era and their younger brother Andy Gibb also had some limited success but no white artist has ever had as wide of a Black fan base as Teena Marie.

Black Talk Radio remembers Teena Marie with some her classic hits in chronological order.

I'm a Sucker For Your Love - Wild and Peaceful (1979)

Behind The Groove - Lady T (1980)

I Need Your Lovin - Irons in the Fire (1980)

Square Biz - It Must Be Magic (1981)

Fire and Desire (duet with Teena Marie) - Street Songs (1981)

Lovergirl - Starchild (1984)

Shangri-La - Emerald City (1986)

Ooo La La La - Naked to the World (1988)

How Can You Resist It - Ivory (1990)

Hypnotized - Passion Play (1994)

I'm Still in Love - La Doña (2004)

You Blow Me Away - Sapphire (2006)

Congo Square (featuring George Duke) - Congo Square (2009)


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