June 17, 2015

There are no Black Drug Kingpins in the USA w/ David Johnson Sr.

Today we will be speaking with David Johnson Sr. about drug war issues in the United States. The book he will discuss is called <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Drug-Kingpin-Fact-Fiction-Friend/dp/B000KNCLBS" target="_blank">Drug Kingpin: Fact, Fiction, Friend or Foe</a> which is about the key question on whether or not black men are really drug kingpins. The book deals with the flow of narcotics into the United States and the origins.

 An example of corporate support of drug trafficking include companies like Coke, Exxon mobile and Ford Motor Credit. The book also goes into the 17 levels that it takes in order for one to be established as a kingpin. Black men come in only in the final three. In other words, Black men do not qualify to be drug kingpins.

 David Johnson is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland and is a community activist, Black news reporter and a pastor. He is also an original founding member of the Baltimore Black Think Thank. The Black Think Tank is an organization fully incorporated looking at black Baltimore as a self- help organization, dealing with politics police brutality, job creation and issues impacting women and children issues.

If someone needs help the Black Think Tank has provided assistance with housing. They like to consider themselves a quintessential research unit. He is the author of several books, which the books are sold by an all -Black book store called Everyone’s Place. If we have time we will review the hate crime committed against Black teens at their neighborhood pool in McKinney, Texas.

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