May 24, 2014

Nina Simone Biopic & Hieroglyph under the lens

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In our first segment we are going to speak to a listener who has a big problem with actress chosen for the biopic on civil rights activist and entertainer Nina Simone. "I just needed to speak to our people being so far out of the realm of reality that they would sit back and not only let but fight for this light skinned Latina playing the role of a dark skinned Afro American sister and Civil Rights leader. They are dressing her up in blackface with a fake nose and a Afro wig. Are you telling me there aren't any actresses of African decent that could play this role?" What do you think? Does he have a point? Why not discover the next Lupita Nyong'o? 

The same issue is raised about the anticipated Fox television series with Condola Rashad, the daughter of Cosby actress Phylicia Rashad among the cast of 'HIEROGLYPH'. Rashad is the only person of African descent among the main actors except for Reece Ritchie who describes himself as mixed with a African parent from South Africa and a white parent from the UK. The pair play the Pharaoh and his half sister in the drama. It will be interesting to learn the back story of the two characters. 

Another recording reveals racism toward black renters but no its Donald Sterling again, this time it is a NYC based company that was recorded practicing white supremacy against prospective black renters. Finally in police brutality news, a Air Force officer says that he was mistreated by a police officer on his own property which isn't even the most tragic news about his story. 

Just so you know these are not isolated incidents of police violence, cops stand accused of assaulting a former Black Panther party activist. Dhoruba Bin-Wahad' was accosted and injured by police in an nearly identical scenario to that of the Air Force Officer.


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