April 30, 2013

BTR News: From the 1992 LA Rebellion to Chris Dorner


Join Scotty Reid as he reviews some of the day's political and social news headlines.

On April 29, 1992 after four officers were acquitted of assault and excessive force by a jury for their brutal beat down of Rodney King, outraged members of the Black and Latino communities took to the streets. The ensuing chaos became known as the LA rebellions that some call the LA Riots.

We want to look back at the events that sparked the uprising, the actions that were taken to suppress the rebellion and what steps Los Angeles took if any to address it.

I will then make the connection to the recent one man rebellion of Chris Dorner who allegedly was targeting members of LAPD and killed several law enforcement officers prompting one of Californias largest "manhunts" in history before Dorner was found and burned alive in a cabin in the woods.


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