February 1, 2013

Western incursion into Mali w/ T. West


Mr. T West of Afrisynergy joins us tonight to help us understand what American and French military forces are doing in Mali, Africa.

The US & its NATO partners destroyed Libya and murdered its leader Muammar Ghaddafi and now US forcdes are involved in military actions in Mali. This is on top of its recent agreement with Niger to station deadly drones in its country.

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  1. This is pure unadulterated bullshit! Mali was invaded by foreigners in March of 2012. Why black people do not regard fucking arab colonialism as colonialism is beyond me. The "west" is NOT my only enemy. Arabs feel that western slave trade was MERELY an interruption of their centuries old activities. And now, they continue. So you ppl can be enraptured with you nation of fucking islam all you want. Just don't bring that shit to Africa. we trying to get out of it.