November 5, 2012

Teen charged with possessing WMD’s makes court appearance

Black teen Afdal Leach made a court appearance today in Cabarrus County facing charges that he was in possession of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The case is being prosecuted by I have been following this case closely and produced several videos about it. Mr. Jessie Leach, Afdal’s father will talk to us tonight about what happened in court today.


Link to Go Fund Me:

I have discovered the real reason for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of President Obama and it has nothing to do with Climate Change.

Did the NAACP violate state law in Texas by “taking” over a polling place in Houston Texas?

A woman has been busted for allegedly voting twice during the early voting period in Nevada

Tomorrow night we will have a second term of President Obama or a new President Romney, will it and should it make a difference in your counter-racist activities?


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