June 23, 2012

This Ain't Hip-Hop w/ Truth Minista Paul Scott & Michael Thomas

Discussing the latest news and social/political issues and sharing the best in Hip-Hop & R&B music. Have you seen Nikki Minaj's latest video for her new song "Starships"? Worse yet, have you read the lyrics!!!

Is this what they are passing off as hip-hop? Guest Michael Thomas and Truth Minista Paul Scott Michael Thomas, like so many others is tired of the crap music being produced by mainstream labels being broadcast from so-called Black radio stations. He recently created a petition targeting the industry.

 He says, "Because music and media Is accessible worldwide, I am asking that my supporters that feel as strong as I do to contact me by facebook or E-mail. This way we can strengthen awareness and involvement in our own communities and put our minds together as we come to a solution for this problem. I would like to hear your ideas as well because this is our music that is being manipulated by people who know the strength of music and how it effects our neighborhoods You can reach him at powerofpetition@gmail.com. https://www.facebook.com/SoundPetition."

Truth Minista Paul Scott has been on the program many times before to discuss the state of hip-hop. His latest article focuses on the artists. In his article "Destruction of Black Civilization: Did Hip Hop Swagga Jack Black Culture?", he writes, "just as commercial rap music helped to destroy our culture, this Juneteenth we must make a vow to restore it. We must once again be proud to be Black."

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly column is This Ain’t Hip Hop, a weekly column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at (919) 308-4233 or info@nowarningshotsfired.com His website is www.NoWarningShotsFired.com.


  1. I agree 100%, I created my own web site on the subject, because the media being used to control and degrade the people of this nation.

    Please check out my site, I would love to have you as a guest writer.


    1. Check out Truth Minista Paul Scott's contact information at the bottom of this page http://blacktalkradionetwork.com/page/god-forgives-i-don-t-should-007162012

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