April 5, 2012

Political Prisoner Radio w/ Ramona Africa "The MOVE 9"

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I was joined by MOVE 9 spokesperson Romana Africa.
The MOVE Organization surfaced in Philadelphia during the early 1970's. Characterized by dreadlock hair, the adopted surname "Africa", a principled unity, and an uncompromising commitment to their belief, members practiced the teachings of MOVE founder JOHN AFRICA.

Move's work is to stop industry from poisoning the air, the water, the soil, and to put an end to the enslavement of life. The purpose of John Africa's revolution is to show people through John Africa's teaching, the truth that this system is the cause of all their problems (alcholism, drug addiction, unemployment, wife abuse, child pornography, every problem in the world) and to set the example of revolution for people to follow when they realize how they've been oppressed, repressed, duped, tricked by this system, this government and see the need to rid themselves of this cancerous system as MOVE does.

In 1978, a standoff with police over orders to vacate the Powelton Village MOVE house occured. MOVE failed to relocate and police later attempted forced entry. Philadelphia police officer James J. Ramp was killed by a shot to the back of the head. MOVE representatives claim that he was facing the house at the time. This would negate the notion that MOVE was responsible for his death and that he was killed by friendly fire from fellow officers. Nine MOVE members would be found guilty of third-degree murder in the shooting death of officer James J. Ramp. Seven of the nine became eligible for parole in the spring of 2008, and all seven were denied parole. Parole hearings now occur yearly.

In 1981, MOVE relocated to a row house at 6221 Osage Avenue in the Cobbs Creek area of West Philadelphia. During another incident with police, a police helicopter dropped a four-pound bomb made of C-4 plastic explosive and Tovex, a dynamite substitute, onto the roof of the house.

The resulting explosion caused the house to catch fire. The resulting fire was allowed to turn into a massive blaze which eventually destroyed 65 houses total. Eleven people, including John Africa, five other adults and five children, died in the resulting fire. The firefighters were stopped from putting out the fire based on allegations that firefighters were being shot at, a claim that was contested by the lone adult survivor Ramona Africa, who says that the firefighters had earlier battered the house with two deluge pumps when there was no fire. Ramona Africa and one child, Birdie Africa, were the only survivors. No police officer or public official was ever charged for the loss of life and property damage caused by their negligent actions.

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  1. It feels like it was just today that i seened Ramona Africa walk out of Muncy Prison into her mini black stretch limo after she maxed out her 7years prison sentence..asking myself at that time why cant i see the whole picture of why that Ramona and these other women that carried and did the same things alike are here doing so much time.. i had just turned 18years of age before i was sentenced to a 4to8 year sentence when i entered the Muncy prison system where I seen Ramona and her sisters... i would ask lifers.. who are these women? why do they always do everything together..they didn't socialize with anyone...they ran ins inc with each other and what caught my attention about Ramona is that her arms were burnt and she had this look in her eyes that said everything is going to be alright... after 2 years passed they started saying hi to me Ramona, janet and Merle and i felt so special because i felt and said to myself that i am really going to be alright because if i wasn't they would of not spoken to me.. (that was my thoughts at that time)not to long ago i searched in detail of how they're incident ac-cured and i have this one thing to say it only takes one person to make things happen for the good and make the people pay for they're wrong doings as in everyone that had something to do with the violence that happened with the Move Members...police etc there is punishment for them and it will come one day..just look at Penn State University..the people thought that they were able to hide the crime and all b forgotten and there punishment is worst now then if they would of been caught when it first happen... i feel that if what the Move Movement did happened anywhere else then P.A. they would of only got arrested for not vacating property and if shots were going to be fired it would of been towards people that were armed,,but knowing that it happened in a common wealth state hick town..this is the battle of survival..you r guilty before you are hand cuffed...well good luck on your fight...