March 24, 2012

Get Justice for Mitrice Richardson w/ Michael Richardson

The story of Mitrice Richardson has long dissapearded from the National News Headlines but there are those who have not forgotten her and the injustice that was commited against her and her family. Mitrice Richardson was suffering from a medical condition when she was arrested at resturant by LA County Sheriff's for a small amount of marijuana found in her car which impounded and she was taken into custody. Although she exhibted signs that required she be taken to a hosipital for evaluation, she was not.

Mitrice Richardson, age 24, went missing after she was released from the Malibu Lost Hills police station at 12:37a.m. Thursday September 17th 2009. She was released into the remote Malibu canyon area without a car, I.D, phone, money or assistance. Her remains would be found in a canyon ravine nearly a year later. Despite orders from the LA County coroner not to move the remains, Sheriff deputies did so anyway which was a violation of law botching the investigation. Two reports have ome out recently and as one writer put it, "Perhaps one reason for the lack of closure in Richardson’s mysterious death is the fact that the authorities investigating the cas...have spent as much time pointing fingers at one another over bungling the remains as actually investigating how she died."

Mitrice's father, Michael Richardson joins the broadcast to update us on the case and the ongoing efforts to get justice for Mitrice.


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