February 15, 2011

Ancient Egypt's Influence on Civil and Human Rights

Pastor Omar Wilks dropped by Black Talk Radio to discuss Black History as it pertains to ancient Egypt and civilization's "Father of Medicine", Imhotep. Imhotep is not only known as the first "Father of Medicine" but was credited with being among the first engineers and architects in world history. Egypt has recently been in the news, located in the Northern part of Africa; the modern people of Egypt recently toppled its American backed dictator of 30 years. Pastor Wilks says it is from ancient Kemet, the original name of Egypt, that we derive the concept of civil rights.

"The ancient Kemetui had a system that was deeply imbedded in truth, justice, and righteousness. It is from these ancient concepts that we get civil rights, a system that was deeply rooted in truth, justice, and righteousness. It is from these ancient concepts that we get civil rights." - Pastor Omar Wilks

Pastor Wilks will also touch on the life of Medgar Evers, a black American who gave his life in the fight for truth, justice and righteousness before being assassinated by a member of Klu Klux Klan and The White Citizens Council which was recently praised by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS), a potential Republican presidential candidate as an organization that opposed the KKK.

Pastor Wilks is currently engaged in a campaign seeking justice for Aiyana Jones, a 7 yr-old child shot and killed by a Detroit SWAT team that was being featured by the A&E COP show "First 48".

Rev Wilks has done extensive work with ministering to prisoners and people no matter what their status. He is a community organizer known for his involvement in local, national, and international affairs. Rev. Wilks has courageously gone to jail for various social justice causes like Darfur, Amadou Diallo, and Sean Bell. From 1995-2001, Rev. Wilks worked and trained under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton and formed the first college chapter in the United States of the National Action Network on the campus of York College. Rev. Wilks also was a founding member of the National Religious Leaders of African Ancestry Concerned about Darfur (NRLAA) and Co-Founder of the Street Organizing Coalition (S.O.C). He now serves as President of the Clergy Alliance for Justice International (CAJI), Chairman of Urban Development Collective (UDC), and member of the African American Clergy and Elected Officials (AACEO).


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