January 17, 2011

How Can We Foster Unity In the Black Community?

We hear a lot of talk in the Black community about unity or the lack thereof. Despite the efforts of many great men like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and even Martin Luther King Jr, the level of unity among people of African descent is sorely lacking and many who preach it are not practicing it.

How do you define "Black Unity"? What level of cooperation among people who considered themselves Black can be considered "Black Unity". What organizations exist today whose man mission is focused on uniting Black people? If none exist does one need to be created? Does the Black Unity movement have any leaders today? Who are those leaders. Is the Black Unity movement continental or is it global? Are you one with your brothers & sisters or are you practicing separation? With many Black people practicing different religions, spiritual principles and subscribed to different political philosophies, is Black Unity even possible?

Brother Moorbey aka James Harris is the founder of the social networking community Black Unity which has over 500 members. Black Unity says it is "A home away from home so that we as Nu Afrikans can be who we are, and share information from a Nu Afrikans perspective. We believe in RBG". Brother Moorbey talks to Scotty Reid to discuss this explosive and sensitive topic.

This is an open conversation tonight at 9:00 PM EST.


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