June 22, 2012

Political Prisoner Radio - Free Jalil Abdul Muntaqim

Political Prisoner radio show will feature the case of Jalil Abdul Muntaqim with special guests Robert Boyle, an attorney working with Bro. Jalil's case, and Brooke Reynolds, a supporter.

 Jalil Abdul Muntaqim (formerly Anthony Bottom) was born October 18, 1951, in Oakland, CA. Jalil participated in NAACP youth organizing and became a leading member of the Black Student Union, often touring in "speak-outs. " After the assassination of Dr. King, Jalil was recruited into the Black Panther Party by school friends.

At the age of 19, Jalil, a high school graduate and social worker, was captured along with Albert “Nuh” Washington in a midnight shoot-out with San Francisco police. Nearly two years later, Herman Bell was arrested in New Orleans and together these men became known as the New York Three. All three men were specifically named in COINTELPRO documents as members of the black liberation movement who had to be "neutralized."

 In 1976, Jalil launched the National Prisoners Campaign to petition the U.N to recognize the existence of U.S. political prisoners, which was submitted in Geneva, Switzerland after which the UN International Commission of Jurists concluded that political prisoners did in fact exist in the United States. In 1997 Jalil initiated the Jericho Movement for amnesty for all US political prisoners on the basis of international law. Jalil has also filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of prisoners and earned a BS in Psychology and a BA in Sociology in 1994.

Jalil has become a father and a grandfather and practices organizing and advocacy, for which he has been repeatedly punished through physical abuse, formal discipline, and numerous prison transfers. Jalil and Herman are now two of the longest held political prisoners in the US, having served over 30 years. On April 28, 2000, Albert Nuh Washington passed away after a long, painful battle with liver cancer. More info on Jalil Muntaqim is available at http://www.freejalil.com/ and the Jericho Movement is at http://thejerichomovement.com/.


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